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In this section I introduce some remarkable photo sessions realized by Anna Calvi with a large number of prestigious and talented photographers. These artists are often connected to the fashion world, as the English singer usually gravitates, and sometimes works in. The sessions aren’t presented into a chronological order, but in the way I personally contacted the photographers one by one (when  possible). They kindly authorized me to use a preview of their shots that I have put together, so I really thank them a lot! I added a comment with some information and useful links to watch the original photos. Sometimes they granted me an exclusive declaration about their photo session with Anna.


Franco Tettamanti     Roger Deckker

Karl Lagerfeld     Kate Garner

Simon     Amelia Troubridge

Jean-Baptiste Mondino

Adriano Russo     Fanni Latour-Lambert

Louise Haywood-Schiefer

Mathieu Zazzo     Elodie Daguin

Jessie Craig     Ellen Von Unwerth

Alberto Tommaso Badalamenti

Philip Sinden     Tim Dobrovolny

Sonny McCartney     Alexandra Kinga Fakete

Andy Eaton     Samuel Kirszenbaum

Gary Manhine     Maisie Cousins

Rii Schroer     Filippo Venturi     Katia Ruge

Emma Nathan


/The copyright of all the images of this section is owned by the authors of the photographs. All rights reserved. The contents are published for your enjoyment and only through the explicit and written permission of the owners. It is forbidden to use the images for sale or any other profit based uses/


FRANCO P TETTAMANTI is an acclaimed and award-winning fashion portrait photographer based in Paris. He published two books: ‘Essence’ (Offizin Zurich Verlag, 2005), about humankind and its creativity, and ‘Showtime’ (Offizin Zurich Verlag, 2015), which is an all-access pass behind the scenes of the great haute couture and pret-a-porter fashion shows in Paris.
Tettamanti portrayed Anna Calvi for the French magazine Madame Figaro in an article by Marion Géliot, published on 9th December 2013. © Franco Tettamanti



ROGER DECKKER is a fashion photographer who worked with Anna in 2013. He realized some intense and wonderful colorful and black & white shots to promote ‘One Breath’, Anna’s second album. Deckker suggested to do a session in Mexico and Calvi accepted. His portraits were spread worldwide on various magazines and some of them were utilized not only for the packaging of the album, but also for the singles ‘Eliza’ and ‘Suddenly’. © Roger Deckker



The famous German stylist, photographer, art director and artist KARL LAGERFELD had a shoot session with Anna Calvi for an ad campaign for the Maison Michel. They joined together for the collection Fall-Winter 2011 of the French fashion house founded in 1980. The photos were included in its lookbook. Anna shared the fashion campaign with the Russian model Sasha Pivovarova and the French actress and model Clémence Poésy.
Karl Lagerfeld defined himself a real fan of Anna’s music and told that she had “a perfect nose – the kind of nose that surgery cannot buy!” © Karl Lagerfeld

You can watch the complete ad at this link:



KATE GARNER is an English photographer, artist and musician. She started her career in the 1980s, being involved into the new wave pop group Haysi Fantayzee with a discreet success. Then Garner concentrated herself on multimedia projects, working on video, painting and especially photography. She portrayed a huge number of musicians and celebrities, including Iggy Pop, Sinead O’Connor, David Bowie, Kate Blanchett, Fiona Apple, Kate Moss, Tilda Swinton, Björk…
Kate Garner photographed Anna Calvi during the beginning of 2011 and some of those shots appeared on prestigious magazines. One photo was utilized some years later for the cover of The Times‘ special dedicated to the Edimburgh International Festival. Anna performed with the Heritage Orchestra at the Scottish Festival on 17th August 2015. © Kate Garner



SIMON, aka Simona Flamigni, is an Italian freelance photographer specialized in portraying celebrities with unusual poses, looking for their reactions and emotions, rather than pursue simply beautiful images. She has recently published a book entitled “Cinema Italia” (Menabò Editore, 2017), in which she intimately portrayed 107 contemporary Italian actors and actresses inside as many timeless hotel rooms, with their vulnerability and imperfections.
In 2013 Simon photographed Anna Calvi for an article by Francesco Mascolo, appeared on 14th November of that year on the Italian magazine Toh!. © Simon



JEAN-BAPTISTE MONDINO really did his best portraying Anna Calvi in 2010, at the beginning of her career. The French fashion photographer and music video director, who worked with lots of celebrities (Sting, Madonna, Tom Waits, David Bowie, Prince, Neneh Cherry… and an infinite number of models), met Anna in Paris in a shooting for the French magazine Next Libération. The photos were published on 22nd February 2011. To realize these photos Mondino collaborated with Leila Mara (styling) and Noby Fujiwara (make up and hair). © Jean-Baptiste Mondino



ADRIANO RUSSO is an Italian photographer who predominatly works in the fashion world, collaborating with several magazines. He did some really stunning photos to Anna in October 2011, when the English singer arrived in Milan to perform for the second time ever in her father’s country. Russo photographed Anna also on the Alcatraz stage, where she had her gig on the evening of 20th October. A photo of Anna’s magnificent profile gained the cover of Women (an Italian magazine that doesn’t exist anymore). © Adriano Russo




FANNY LATOUR-LAMBERT met and shot Anna in 2013, in conjunction with the release of ‘One Breath’. The fashion photographer born in the south of France, but based in Paris, hasn’t stopped to use her reflex since she was 15 years old, led by curiosity and the aim to discover reality around her and about human interactions.
The photo shoot, with Anna dressed in Christian Dior, Stella McCartney, Pierre Balmain and Gucci, appeared on Next Libération on 26th September 2013. © Fanny Latour-Lambert



AMELIA TROUBRIDGE is a Londoner photographer who firstly portrayed Anna Calvi in the British capital on 17th January 2012, then in Italy for the first digital number of the Italian magazine Amica, published on 1st September 2013.
Troubridge is a very prolific artist, who has worked for many clients and lots of international magazines, involving herself in several projects and exhibitions. She published four interesting photographic books: “The Trouble with Amelia” (Booth-Clibborn Editions, 2004), “Malta Diaries” (Trolley Books, 2009), “20,000 days on earth. Nick Cave” (2014) and “Joan of Arc had style” (Trolley Books, 2015). © Amelia Troubridge



LOUISE HAYWOOD-SCHIEFER comes from the East Midlands and made her way in London, where she has actually based. Specialized in portraits, and working for The Big Issue, The Telegraph, Time Out and Tate Modern (only to name a few), she enthusiastically and curiously photographs actors, singers, politicians, public figures and everyday people. Her camera was faced by the Dalai Lama and Prince William but also by some domestic felines (usually called ‘cats’).
Louise met and photographed Anna on 7th October 2013 for the British free music magazine The Fly, and she’s reported to had a successful shoot with this “sweet pretty lady” with a shirt “in the perfect shade of blue”. © Louise Haywood-Schiefer

Louise Haywood-Schiefer has a lovely blog with lots of interesting details and backstories on her official website (don’t miss it!):



MATHIEU ZAZZO lives and works in Paris. Perceptibly influenced by the French New Wave cinema, he has started to collaborate with several magazines and some record companies since 2001, portraying musicians and also actors. In 2004 Zazzo published his book “Porte #1” (Atlanta) and he is one of the creators and founders of the music and culture bimestrial magazine Vox Pop, for which he photographed Anna Calvi in 2010. A shot ended right on its cover of January/February 2011 (number 18). Another different and beautiful close up was used for the front page of 20th publication of Scope, the supplement of the French Figaro, published on 26th January 2011. © Mathieu Zazzo



Anna Calvi was photographed by the Paris-based ÉLODIE DAGUIN for the number 158 of TGV Magazine, released in October 2013. This French artist is specialized in portraits of actors and singers, and after her degree in 2010 has collaborated with a long series of clients like Yves Saint Laurent, Lancôme, Kenzo, Swaroski, Universal Music and L’Oréal.
TGV was a monthly magazine that was distributed freely on the French high-speed rail service until 2015. The beautiful photos by Élodie Daguin were included in the article/interview by Noémie Lecoq. © Élodie Daguin



On 18th January 2011, just a day after the release of her first album in the UK, Clash Magazine dedicated an article to Anna Calvi, adding a shooting signed by JESSIE CRAIG, with the styling of Camilla Felici. You won’t find much information about this portrait and fashion photographer who was born in Canada. After the studies she moved to London where she’s actually based. Jessie Craig has won some awards, participated in numerous and international exhibitions and some of her works are included in the National Portrait Gallery in London. Her personal portfolio is particularly remarkable and she has elegantly portrayed a large number of actors and actresses. In the same year in which she shot Anna, a photo taken from that session was used also for the July number of the magazine Spin© Jessie Craig



ALBERTO TOMMASO BADALAMENTI is a video-director, photographer, artistic director and founder of the fashion magazine Viktor. The list of his photography clients is absolutely respect able and includes brands like Harrods, Marc & Spencer and Harper’s Bazaar. He owns a photo still and video production house based in Havana, Cuba.
In June 2011, in London, Badalamenti portrayed a hyper-elegant Anna dressed up in Alberta Ferretti and Roberto Cavalli, with the styling of Harriet Cotterill. It was for the second number issue of his Viktor (September 2011), where Calvi was exclusively interviewed. © Alberto Tommaso Badalamenti



ELLEN VON UNWERTH is a German photographer who worked as a model for ten years but then she decided to pass behind the camera. At the end of the 1980s she contributed to discover an unknown Claudia Schiffer and to impose a very young Naomi Campbell. She has ben shooting for the biggest international brands, also publishing some remarkable books and having numerous exhibitions. Her shots of supermodels and singers are absolutely full of glamour, irony and crazy vibrancy. Her 2003 portraits of the alien David Bowie with Kate Moss are incredibly stunning.
A never before seen and methamorphosed Anna Calvi posed in front of Ellen’s camera at the beginning of 2014, for the number of March of Glamour Italia. © Ellen Von Unwerth

Last May 2018 Opera Gallery in London celebrated this fantastic artist with an exhibition entitled Ladyland.



The Londoner photographer PHILIP SINDEN is specialized in fashion and portraits. In his shots the subjects have always an elegant composure. Michael Fassbender and Ewan McGregor posed for him. Sinden portrayed a black-hair Anna for the magazine The Edit/Net-A-Porter, supposedly in 2012.        © Philip Sinden



TIM DOBROVOLNY is a German photographer who had initially worked as a rodie in the 90s and later as a DJ, a producer and a manager for different music labels. In 2010 he started to focus his career on photo portraits and to work for magazines like Bild, Rolling Stone, Musikexpress and Electronic Beats… He published two photographic books: “Catch The Moment” (2010) and “People Are People” (2014). Tim Dobrovolny portrayed Anna in 2013, in conjuction with the release of One Breath. © Tim Dobrovolny



SONNY McCARTNEY is a freelance English photographer, particularly specialized on portraits of models and rock singers. He started to shoot young bands when he was only sixteeen and later he had sessions with Mick Jagger, Ron Wood, Grace Jones, Liam Gallagher, Dave Grohl, Bono… Sonny McCartney is a certain beatle’s nephew and a couple of years ago had a terrible motorcycle accident, losing a leg but succesfully going back to his work again.
McCartney photographed Anna in 2009 with some very beautiful monochromatic shots. One of them appeared in 2011, on the eight number of Volume Magazine. © Sonny McCartney



ALEXANDRA KINGA FEKETE met and photographed Anna Calvi for Rolling Stone in October 2013.
This photographer, originally from Hungary, studied in London but then moved to Berlin, where she is actually based. Here she works shooting celebreties and models for fashion and advertising campaigns. Her shots, published on several international magazines, are amazingly glamourous, particularly interesting because the subjects are often set in a contest (or combined with something) with any connections with the fashion world: a gym, a museum, a church, a swimming pool, a horse… You will probably nicely surprised, visiting her official website. © Alexandra Kinga Fekete



ANDY EATON is a fashion photographer originally based in New York but who now lives in London and works across the world for some very prestigious brands and collaborating with several international magazines.
His shooting with Anna Calvi was published on Playing Fashion (Saturday 12th July 2012), appearing on the cover and inside an article. With the make-up by Shama and the hairstyle by Bianca Tuovi, we can probably consider these shots an homage to the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. © Andy Eaton
On Andy Eaton’s official website you can enjoy an interesting section dedicated also to art shots.



The Parisian photographer SAMUEL KIRSZENBAUM, represented by Modds Agency, is the founder (with Mathieu Zazzo and Jean-Vic Chapus) of the music and culture magazine Vox Pop. He has published his photos on the pages of M le magazine du Monde, GQ, D la Repubblica and FT Magazine, portraying subjects like Damon Albarn, David Guetta, Christopher Lambert, Mads Mikkelssen and Saoirse Ronan.
His poignant photo of Anna Calvi appeared on 17th January 2011 in the French magazine Next Libération, accompanying the article by Philippe Brochen. © Samuel Kirszenbaum



The English artist GARY MANHINE photographed Anna Calvi at the beginning of her career, and one shot appeared on the number 29 of the independent bi-monthly free UK music newspaper The Stool Pigeon, published on 21st November 2010 (November/December issue).
Gary Manhine, even if has amazingly portrayed several musicians, reveals his interest for Education and young people through some really interesting shootings. Probably one the best sections on his site is ‘Personal Work and Iphone Travelations’. You’ll surely enjoy it! © Gary Manhine

When I contacted Manhine, he has been so kind to grant me two inedited photos of Anna and also an exclusive comment: “I didn’t know much at all about Anna Calvi when I went to meet her. It was pretty early on in her career and I was struck by how shy and diminutive she seemed. So when I heard the enormity of her sound, I was truly blown away. She is truly a singular artist.” – Gary Manhine
[email protected]



When MAISIE COUSINS was only a teenager she started to share on social medias her first experiments in Photography, subject that she later studied at Brighton University. This young artist from London had her first solo exhibition in 2017, but showed her noticeable talent in several group exhibitions and publishing her work on different magazines. Her photos and collages are an unconventional work where the flesh of female bodies meets different elements from nature: liquids, insects, flowers, grass, fruit… trying to redefine and cross the concepts of beauty and ugliness with a new provocative visual language.
In 2017 Cousins did a very colourful shooting with Bjork. She portraited Anna Calvi for the very first time in 2010, promoting her image for Domino Records. In 2018 she works again with the English musician and numerous images appear on several music magazine but she especially realized the cover and the booklet of Anna’s third album ‘Hunter’. © Maisie Cousins



RII SCHROER is a German freelance photographer who started to work in London, where she’s actually based. Schroer is mostly specialized in features and especially on portraits that usually appear on the pages of The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph.
Her powerful, dynamic and colourful photos of Anna promoting the forthcoming album Hunter were published accompanying the article-interview titled Rock ‘roll’ isn’t over – male rockers are, by Neil McCormick, on the digital and paper versions of The Telegraph in the morning of 12th August 2018. © Rii Schroer


The Italian FILIPPO VENTURI photographed Anna Calvi in Rimini on 31st July 2018 (Percuotere la Mente Festival), when she performed for the very first time the songs from her last album ‘Hunter’. This beautiful photo appeared in a colored version on the German magazine Der Spiegel on 31st August 2018. This April the portrait was shortlisted at Kolga Tbilisi Photo Awards as Best Portrait of the year, and consequentially exhibited in this festival that is the most prestigious in Georgia. Venturi is a very prolific documentary photographer who has published on several international newspapers and magazines. On his official website you can enjoy many incredible photos archived on different sections dedicated to his works for example in music, sport, theatre and advertising, with a particular attention to his interesting reportages around Italy and the world. From Cesena to Songdo. © Filippo Venturi

Der Spiegel asked me to photograph Anna last summer. They wanted some photos of the concert but, as in the afternoon I and the journalist who had to write the article were already in Rimini, we assisted to the rehearsals. We enjoyed the time with Anna and her crew eating, talking, joking and taking some other more intimate shots (like this one). Anna has the the gift to express a great energy, both when she appears quite in a photo and when she performs live on the stage. During the shooting there was a very positive and enjoyable mood and it was not difficult to do my job. In the evening, at the concert, Anna transformed herself completely. She was a force of the nature, something that we just had imagined during the afternoon, but that we could totally enjoy during the performance with the audience.”  Filippo Venturi


A musical background as a DJ and a producer has surely helped KATJA RUGE to obtain her intense and evocative portraits of many musicians (but also other artists). Probably her pic of Bjork is one of the best that you will ever be able to see. The German freelance photographer met Anna Calvi last 19th January in Hamburg, portraying the musician only 30 minutes after a sold out gig and adding the session to Ladyflash, an amazing photo project dedicated to indipendent women in music. This and other interesting sessions are enjoyable at her official page. © Katja Ruge




The first discographic bites by Anna Calvi were inextricably bound to EMMA NATHAN’s artistry. In the first eponymous album and in all the singles extracted from it this London based artist provided a remarkable and very identified artwork conceived with Anna herself. Nathan was also the author of some stunning photos of the singer that had a considerable spread on the press during Anna’s exciting debut. In the years she specialised as a filmmaker and for One Breath, Calvi’s second album, she directed the promo trailer and two very interesting videoclips: Eliza and Suddenly. For the forthcoming 10th Anniversary Edition of Anna’s first record the artist provided many unreleased photographs. Emma Nathan keeps working as an editor and a filmmaker for television and cinema, collaborating on different musical projects and editing short films. © Emma Nathan