Here some excerpts from the best reviews of Hunter, Anna Calvi’s third album, published on many English and Italian music magazines.


THE QUIETUS – by Sophie Brown – 29.08.2018

Calvi howls up a storm as she defies the gendering that society imposes from an early age, imploring “let us be us”. Hunter is a tempestuous album full of haunting, unsettling vocals; it resonates with evocative power.





THE LINE OF BEST FIT – by Chris Todd – 29.08.2018

Although she operates more than comfortably in rock … it’s in the subtler and more nuanced moments that Hunter really comes into its own.
Three excellent albums in, Calvi has produced her most complex work to date … she exists on the periphery of many things: indie, rock, art rock, cinematic pop, being a boy, being a girl. On Hunter she refuses to clarify anything, proving to be both all of these things, and none of them.





THE INDIPENDENT – by Helen Brown – 30.08.2018

There is, of course, a fine line between sounding serpentine and plain meandering and Calvi isn’t consistently on the right side it … But, overall, this is a powerful statement from a laudably liberated artist. A record red in tooth and claw.






THE GUARDIAN – by Kitty Empire – 02.09.2018

Nick Launay, Nick Cave’s go-to producer of the past 15 years, mans the desk for Calvi’s third effort, Hunter, where she still struggles to throw off what must now be very tiresome PJ Harvey comparisons … this is very much a resonant record, set in the here and now, with melodies to the fore.





SOUNDBLAB – by Andy Brown – 02.09.2018

Hunter is an album infused with desire, sorrow, and sensuality… Calvi throwing herself wholeheartedly into her art. The ten songs here present us with an artist both liberated and looking to liberate.
Channelling a little bit of Jeff Buckley as they somersault through the grooves, Calvi’s vocals remain powerful, sensual and commanding throughout.
Hunter (is) one of the most engaging and passionate albums I’ve heard this year.






PITCHFORK – by Cameron Cook – 04.09.2018

On her first album in five years, the goth-rock guitar virtuoso abandons her typically detached perspective to ruminate on gender, sexuality, and identity with newfound urgency.
… her perspective on Hunter feels looser, wilder, more intimate.
To say that Anna Calvi has found her voice with her third album would be reductive… she’s certainly found a new way of speaking, one that uses her musical mastery to communicate something truly urgent.






NME – by Andrew Trendell – 05.09.2018

The title track carries the graceful, aching melancholy of Bowie in his latter Blackstar years, while … Calvi’s message, guitar virtuosity and untethered vocal range (are) all honed together as a knock-out one-two sucker punch.

This is an album of extremes, but they’re all bridged by bold and fluid movements of an artist refusing to be either man, woman or victim – always the hunter.





NARC MAGAZINE – by Em Burfitt – 31.08.2018

In a world of contrast, there’s only one real answer: to tell your own truth … Hunter is an epic tale through the murky doldrums to the light of love, and safely solidifies Anna Calvi’s title as one of the UK’s most enthralling artists.






MUSIC ATTITUDE – by Cinzia Meroni – 04.10.2018

… this third album by the Londoner songwriter and guitarist is the best demonstration of her genius… she has strongly worked on the writing, on the higher range of her voice which before it has always been distinguished with a certain confidence with the lower one, and with a vibrato here really less utilized … a new balance in the correlation between voice and guitar, and in the presence of the guitar in the arrangements.






SENTIREASCOLTARE – by Elena Raugei – 09.2018

… we have here a musician ever so in control of her potential and at the same time freed of every limitation and any kind of bulky comparisons … Anna Calvi’s songs are red songs, because of heart, thorns, blood, sacred and profane. They have always been like this. They need to catch fire, and here they come back to burn again.




ONDAROCK – di Claudio Lancia – 05.09.2018

Hunter is a carnal and luxurious concept-album, unequivocally queer. From the musical point of view the author harmonizes the lyrics with proper moods, but we can listen to a simplification of the structures because of a less strong attitude, the result of a pacified artist who wants to become peaceful (but determinated).
In any case Anna wins a great challenge with herself … There isn’t the devil anymore, there’s no despair neither blood, but it’s the seduction, in all its facets, to take – sometimes with glamour – center stage.






SPAZIOROCK – by Fabio Rigamonti – 03.09.2018

…this record is a masterpiece, with no ifs and buts, surely the high point of Anna’s career … claiming her human nature alive and breathing, Anna Calvi shares this overwhelming feeling with us listeners.






ROCKERILLA – by Paolo Dordi – 30.09.2018

An album that burns of desire, passion, without shame … Musically Anna Calvi seems to have reached the complete maturity. That same voice which she has kept hidden for about 25 years now is able to express every emotional nuance… Hunter will be undoubtedly among the best records of the year.





ROCKOL – by Marco di Milia – 18.09.2018

In these ten tracks she shows herself like a wonderful and tortured lover, restless and fragile at the same time, to be able to spit nails in a synth pop fluid and minimal that strikes down with subtle but powerful electrical daggers … it’s a clear research of the pleasure, with hedonism but also with the sexuality that she can incarnate with disarming naturalness … It is not only pop, this is seduction and talent.




CLASSIC ROCK ITALIA – by Francesco Donadio – 27.09.2018

Swimming Pool is a voluptuos crossing into the dream-pop waters, the strong Chain has some suggestions that recall us Bowie in Lodger, As A Man is a hit rock song that could be a declaration of intent…