Lady Grinning Soul – interview (The Guitar Magazine, 2014)

Here you can find a few extracts from an interview appeared on THE GUITAR MAGAZINE in July 2014. It is a very interesting article (the link is below) that resumes Anna’s career, focusing on his first two albums and especially on the EP Strange Weather, published right that time. Anna talks about her guitars, the collaboration with David Byrne, her David Bowie’s cover and much more. We also discover that she was already working on her third album. Which would become Hunter.

“I think it was listening to Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock when I was younger that first amazed me about what a guitar player could do… My dad had an electric guitar, so I just found myself drawn to it…”

“I suppose all music is really all about trying to convey something without words, this has always interested me. That in some way the story of the song speaks best through the music and not just through the lyrics.”

On new covers EP Strange Weather Anna tackles a range of different songs which range from stunning cover of FKA Twigs Papa Pacify, to a haunting version of Bowie’s Lady Grinning Soul: “That’s my very favourite David Bowie song…”

“Fame is not really something I’m after, I want to have enough of an audience to enable me to carry on doing what I’m doing musically. That’s success for me…”

In this age of soulless electronica, dreary balladeering and nu-folkery – it is in artists like Anna that the spirit of musical invention lives on. Her unique approach to the guitar elevates her head and shoulders above the vast majority of contemporary guitar players.

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